Participate in the 1st Congress by presenting your research, teaching a Course or attending the various activities scheduled:

  1. Present your work at the Panels
  2. Conduct a Short Term Course
  3. Be a student on a Short Term Course
  4. Be an Audit Student

To attend, follow the important dates

Participation Fees

  1. Paper Presenter at Research Seminars (Residents in Brazil):

    R$ 120,00 (registration and payment until December 10, 2018)

  2. Paper Presenter at Research Seminars (Residents outside Brazil): $US 40,00 (registration and payment until December 10, 2018)
  3. Participant as student in the short duration courses: R$ 30,00$US 10,00 (registration as of March 16, 2019)

Note: Paper Presenters in Panels will have a discount of 30% in the enrollment fee’s courses

  1. Audit Student with certificate (Symposium and Congress): R$ 30,00$US 10,00
  2. Free of charge cases: (a) short-term course lecturer, (b) research seminar coordinators, (c) other exemption cases analyzed by the organization committee (see item 4, item b of paper submissions)

Important notes:

1) Authors and Co-authors must pay the registration fee.
2) The registration fees are for each proposal submitted
3) Before signing up, have the scanned copy of the summaries and proof of payment of the registration fee ready. Incomplete applications can not be confirmed.
4) There will be no refund of registration fees in any case. Authors who have not had their proposals accepted will be able to attend the Congress as Certified Audit and participate in a Short Term Course