Papers Submission on Panels

To submit a work proposal in the Panels, please follow the steps below:

1o. Abstract submission
2o. Registration (Payment)
3o. Validation of registration
4o. Proposal’s evaluation

Before starting your Abstract’s submission, choose the Panel of your interest and write down the instructions below.

Deadline to proposal’s submissions: December 10th, 2018
Outcome of approved proposals: February 10th, 2019
Deadline for complete works (Congress Annals): May 30th, 2019

Guidelines for Abstract submission (Panels)

1. About the autorship:

a) Proposals could be presented by:

  • Professors
  • Masters and Doctoral postgraduates
  • Researchers with bachelor’s degree
  • Undergraduate students with in co-autorship with a professor or adviser

b) Each author may submit maximum ONE proposal as the main author
c) Each proposal may have a maximum of three authors.


2. Guidelines for Abstract’s submission in Panels:

a) Abstracts must be submitted through a specific website: Call for Submissions (Chamada para Submissões). In the first access you must register your personal data. When accessing the website, after the initial instructions you will find a link “Click here to start the Submission”
b) Choose your Panel in “Conference Modalities” (“Modalidades da Conferência“) and follow the “Guidelines” (“Diretrizes”) and “Copyright Statement” (“Declaração de Direitos Autorais”).
c) Add the data of the authors: full name, electronic address, Institution; country of origin and a brief biographical summary.
d) Repeat this process for each co-author
e) Add your proposal’s title and abstract in the choosen Panel (“Seminário de Pesquisa“)

Note: the Abstract should have 300 words and contain the following elements: subject, objectives, methodological data, theoretical interpretative paradigm and results achieved

3. Metadata for Proposal Indexing

a) Include key-words (between 3-5 words) and the proposal’s metadata with information about which Latin America Region and Countries you research (example: South America, Andean Countries, Mercosur etc).
b) Proposals must be of regional relevance. For this purpose, proposals should address (i) Latin America as a whole or a subcontinent’s region; (ii) themes that cover two or more region’s countries.
c) Proposals must be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English.
d) Complete your submission. After that, you will receive a Submission’s Confirmation. Please note your registration will only be validated after the Registration Fee payment, according to the information below.

4. Payment of Registration Fee and Validation

Registration Fees’ payments shall be made by the PayPal system (it is not necessary to create an account). To make the payment you need to access the Congress Registration website (“Inscrição”).

a) Residents in Brazil: R$ 120,00.
b) Residents outside Brazil: $US 40,00.


  • The registration fee is charged for each proposal submitted and for each author.
  • For the payment of the Registration Fee, return to the Homepage and access “Registrations”, or enter through the Registrations (“Inscrição”)
  • Please leave blank the field Code for Registration Fee (“Código para taxa de inscrição).
  • Co-authors must also pay the Registration Fee (option Additional Co-author Registration [“Código para taxa de inscrição“]).

c) The General Coordination of the Congress may examine requests for exemption from Registration Fee in the following cases: author resides outside of São Paulo city; if he or she is a student without scholarship or if is unemployed. The exemption of registration fees’ applications must be accompanied by documented justification, which will be analyzed by the General Coordination. Requests for exemption must be submitted to the email until October 30th, 2018.

Note: If your exemption request is approved you will receive a “Registration fee code” that must be communicated during the Registration proccess

d) The author will be communicated about his or her registration was accepted until the registration’s deadline.

5. On the work’s evaluation and selection:

a) Proposal’s anaysis will be carried out by the Congress Scientific Committee.
b) The analysis results will be announced until February 10th, 2019.

Note: The organization will not refund the registration’s fees of rejected proposals. However, authors of rejected proposals will be able to attend the Congress as Audit Students and participate in the Short Term Courses.

6. On publication of full papers in the Congress Annals:

a) Complete papers should be sent for publication on Congress Annals by May 30th, 2019.
b) Only works that are within Publication Norms will be published. By submitting the text, the author declares to be aware of the Norms and agrees with the work’s publication.

7. On the oral presentations of the papers at the Panels

a) The oral presentation must have a maximum duration of 15 minutes.
b) The Congress will make available the necessary electronic equipment (computer and multimedia projectors in the rooms).
c) Authors should bring their presentations on mobile devices. It is not possible to guarantee access to the internet in the rooms.
d) The presenter’s certificates will be delivered on the day of the presentation of the Panel.