Programa de Pós-Graduação em Modelagem de Sistemas Complexos Universidade de São Paulo


Regular students:

Applications for the Master Degree on Complex Systems of EACH-USP will be open in two periods:

– Nov/01/2022 to Jan/13/2023: Start on March/2023

– Apr/03/2022 to Jun/30/2023: Start on August/2023

Admission notice and forms:

For the elaboration of the research plan, it is recommended (although not required) to contact a program advisor to help you define your dissertation theme, indicate the bibliography and the guidelines for its elaboration.
Click here to see the list of program advisors and their research areas.
The list of selected candidates shall be published on the main page of the program.

Special students:

Before formally enrolling in the program, it is possible to take courses as a special student. Click here for more information.