30 de June de 2017

The Master’s Degree in Complex Systems Modeling was the first graduate program installed in the Arts, Science and Humanities School (Escola de Artes, Ciências e HumanidadesEACH). It is an interdisciplinary and innovative stricto sensu program whose aims are to enable professionals to employ quantitative and computational techniques in problems related to health, management, public policy and social and environmental sciences, and reinterpret those problems in the light of Complexity Science.

The program is intended to work as a means of transition for students from areas such as management, health and socio-environmental sciences (e.g. Economics, Marketing, Sociology, Biology etc) who have interest in training in quantitative modeling, as well as students from quantitative areas (e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering etc) interested in socio-environmental applications.

As is the case with similar programs in Europe (for instance, Erasmus Mundus Masters in Complex Systems Science and European Master Programme in System Dynamics), Complex Systems graduates are not only able to follow an academic career in interdisciplinary doctorates, but also capable to work as differentiated and highly innovative professionals in the market.