Programa de Pós-Graduação em Modelagem de Sistemas Complexos Universidade de São Paulo


The Master’s Degree in Complex Systems Modeling is an interdisciplinary and innovative graduate program that aims to train professionals capable of employing quantitative and computational techniques in problems applied to health, management, public policy, social and environmental sciences, and to reinterpret these problems in the light of complexity science.

The program’s target audience is quite diverse, consisting of:
a) Students from management and applied social, biological, environmental and health sciences interested in developing projects in quantitative modeling;
b) Students from quantitative areas, such as mathematics, physics, statistics, computing, engineering, etc., interested in theoretical research and modeling applications in complex systems and data science.

As is the case with similar programs in Europe (for instance, Erasmus Mundus Masters in Complex Systems Science and European Master Programme in System Dynamics), Complex Systems graduates are not only able to follow an academic career in interdisciplinary doctorates, but also capable to work as differentiated and highly innovative professionals in the market.

The main research areas of the program are:
– Data Science
– Fundamentals of Complex Systems
– Complex Networks
– Complex Systems Applied to Social, Biological, Environmental and Health Sciences


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Prof. Dr. Carlos Molina Mendes – Coordinator

Profa. Dra. Ana Amélia Benedito Silva – Alternate coordinator