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The Laboratory of Construction and Ambience develops several services, like raw materials preparation, composites production and mechanical, physical and durability analysis. The main services are described bellow:

(If you are interested contact us for more information about schedule availability and costs)

Thermal Conductivity analysis
Equipment: DTC300, TA Instruments
Operation range: 0,1 – 40 W/m.K
Reference standard: ASTM E1530
 • X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
Equipment: Miniflex 600 (Rigaku)
  Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA/DSC)
Equipment: STA 449 F3 Jupiter (NETZSCH)
 Particle Size Distribution analysis
Equipment: Partica LA-950-V2 (Horiba)
 Contact Angle and Surface Tension analysis
Equipment: DCAT11EC (Dataphysics)
   Mechanical tests (bending, tensile, compression and fatigue tests)
Equipments: Universal testing machines DL3000 (EMIC) and Landmark 370.02 (MTS)
Maximum capacities: 15 kN (MTS) and 300 kN (EMIC)
  Optical microscopy
Equipment: Microscópio AxioImager.A2m (Zeiss)
  Real Density of raw materials
Equipment: Multipycnometer, MVP-D160-E (Quantachrome Instruments)
Durability tests and Acelerated Curing
Equipments: Climatic chambers SM-3.5S (Thermotron) and EPL-4H (ESPEC); Aging chamber UV, EQUV (Equilam); Equipment for cyclic soak and dry tests MA035 (Marconi); Sun and rain simulator.
   • Production and Processing of cellulosic pulps
Equipments: Reactor 4552, Parr Instruments; Cellulosic pulp refiner; Grinder M KCA6-2 Supermasscolloider, Masuko Sangyo
 Production of Cementitious Composites and Particleboards
Equipments: Suction and compression chamber; Hydraulic press with heating of 100 t (Hidral-Mac); others
 Controlled burning at muffle furnaces
Equipments: Muffles 10010 and 10013, JUNG
Operation temperatures: up to 1300 ºC
   Electric Conductivity analysis
Equipments: Magnetic stirrers; Condutivity meter; others
   Preparation of samples and raw materials
Equipments: Saw; Grinding/Polishing machine; Precision cut-off machine; others.