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Equipment: MALDI TOF TOF
Brand: Bruker Daltonics
Model: UltrafleXtreme


MALDI  TOF TOF – Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization – Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry) – it is a sequential mass spectrometer, with MALDI ionization source with two TOF type mass analyzers. The equipment allows the ionization of biological macromolecules, which are generally hard to ionize.

The equipment is used in our group research and collaborators to:
– Identification of microorganisms by using MALDI Biotyper technique (Biotyper software acquired by the laboratory);
– Proteomic analysis through fingerprint proteins separated by gel Electrophoresis;
– Analysis of polymers and peptide sequencing among other organic compounds.

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Equipment: QTOF
Brand: Bruker Daltonics
Model: Impact II


QTOF – Impact II is UHR-QqTOF mass spectrometry (Ultra-high resolution Q-Tof – Time of Flight). High analytical performance for several applications such as biomarker research, identification of impurities, among others.

The equipment is used in our group research and collaborators to:
– Proteomic analysis;
– Identification of biomarkers in clinical and environmental samples.
– Peptide sequencing among other organic compounds;
– Analysis of unknown compounds in complex matrices.

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Equipment location: All equipment are located at Dempster Mass Lab

Responsible: Dr Maria Anita Mendes

Scheduling: e-mail:

Availability: From Monday to Friday (except holidays), from 8 am to 4 pm, as previously scheduled.