Established in 2004, GIIMUS brings together individuals with diverse expertise, spanning from medical physics and biomedical engineering to biological sciences. At its core, the group focuses on advancing biomedical instrumentation and optimizing signal and image processing techniques. Noteworthy endeavors include the innovation and adaptation of ultrasonic, magnetic, and optical transducers for a multitude of biological applications, ranging from diagnostic imaging to therapeutic methods.

Examples of these advancements include pioneering ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging approaches, integrating ultrasound imaging with therapeutic devices into theranostic systems, exploring synergies between ultrasound and nanomedicine, and ultrasound neuromodulation techniques. Additionally, the group specializes in tissue characterization techniques such as elastography, the development of tissue-mimicking phantoms for various applications, among other pursuits.

Central to GIIMUS’s mission is the development of non-invasive technologies leveraging non-ionizing energy, all with the overarching goal of enhancing human health and well-being. See a summary of our research fields and infrastructure.

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