Molecular Biophysics Laboratory

About us

Our interests involve the investigation of interactions between biomolecules with emphasis on how the interaction between proteins and their ligands (substrates, inhibitors, and membranes) can lead to modulation of the protein function. More specifically, we are interested in the structural behavior of proteins involved in the unconventional secretory pathways of the cell, in particular the so-called Golgi Reassembly and Stacking Proteins (GRASPs). To accomplish those objectives our group makes use of a combined and interdisciplinary approach of biophysical methods, such as magnetic resonance, circular dichroism, fluorescence, microcalorimetry as well as molecular dynamics simulations. Our group is located at the RIbeirão Preto Campus of the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

  • # Interdisciplinarity
  • # Protein Biophysics
  • # spectroscopy
  • #Molecular interactions

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