Department of Biotechnology Engineering College of Lorena

Microbiology with Practice

Program Learning Microbiology with Practice


1. The Program Learning Microbiology with Practice aims to meet, prioritarily, the demand of students of the undergraduate course in Biochemical Engineering of EEL-USP;

2. If you have accessed this tutorial it is because you want to develop some experimental activity in Microbiology, stimulated by a personal curiosity or of a colleague, a reading, etc. Make sure you know clearly the purpose of the activity you want to develop. Remember that activities should be simple and possible to perform in a week. The time for carrying out the entire process is estimated at around 30 days;

3. Initially, prepare a plan of work, according to the instructions in the document Diretrizes Plano de trabalho, which can be downloaded from this site (click here). Fill in the plan of work up to item 3 of PART I;

4. Then, find a professor who can be your advisor in this job. This professor will have 3 main functions: to opine about the plan of work; to help you to interpret the results, and to draw up a succinct opinion about your report;

5. With the plan of work defined with the supervisor up to item 4 (PART I), contact the person in charge of the Experimental Microbiology Laboratory, or its technician, to arrange the necessary material and schedule the use of the laboratory. At this point you will be able to fill out item 5 of the plan of work (Schedule).

Note: If a procedure is to be carried out in a laboratory other than the one mentioned above, talk to the person responsible for the laboratory and collect his/her signature in the plan of work;

6. Send the final version of the plan of work (digitalized copy) to the secretariat of the Comissão de Coordenação do Curso de Engenharia Bioquímica (, mentioning in the field subject the text “Aprendendo Microbiologia com Prática” .

Note: The final version of the plan of work should be signed by you, the supervisor and the person(s) responsible for the laboratory(s);

7. To begin the experimental activities, wait for confirmation of receipt of your plan of work by the CoC-EB.

Note: Record the number of the plan of work provided by the technician, as this must be entered in a specific field in the report;

8. Observe the safety and technical rules for performing experimental activities in the laboratory and follow the directions of the technician(s);

9. After performing the experiments, discuss/interpret the results with your supervisor and prepare a report, according to the instructions in the document Modelo Relatório, which can be downloaded from this site (click here);

10. Send the report (digitalized copy) to the CoC-EB, according to the instructions given in item 6.

Note: The report should contain your signature and that of your supervisor.