The scholarships available at GPIB come from special programs of CAPES and CNPq, mostly attributed to GPIB, and some additional grants awarded to CPG-EEL by Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação / USP.

At present, GPIB has a total of 19 MSc scholarships and 32 PhD scholarships. The GPIB encourages students and supervisors to seek additional scholarships from other sponsoring agencies, to increase the number of scholarship holders in the Program. The list of current scholarship holders (September 2018) can be accessed here.

The scholarships available at GPIB are allocated in the form of quotas made available directly to the respective supervisors. The distribution of scholarship quotas follows criteria of academic merit linked to indicators of scientific production defined by the Evaluation Committee of Biotechnology Programs at CAPES.

The list of supervisors with quotas available for the first semester of 2019 and the respective implementation priorities can be accessed here. If there are a number of enrolled students greater than the number of scholarships available, the order of priority for the implementation of scholarships must be obeyed.

The expectation of the GPIB is that the list indicating the quotas of available scholarships helps the enrolled students expecting scholarship to seek their respective advisors.

Enrollments without the consent of a supervisor can be carried out in the “academic orientation” modality. However, the implementation of scholarships depends, necessarily, on the consent of a supervisor accredited in GPIB with available quota.

The implementation of scholarships will be linked to the acceptance of CAPES or CNPq commitment terms, in addition to a commitment term of GPIB, which is the responsible part for implementation of the grant. The models of the terms of scholarship acceptance can be accessed here.