PAE Traineeship

Program of Improvement of Education (PAE) is an exclusive training modality of the University of São Paulo (regulated by Ordinance GR 3588, of May 10, 2005), exclusively destined to graduate students enrolled in the University of São Paulo in master’s and doctorate’s courses.

Its main objective is to improve the graduate’s training for under graduation didactic activity, and its composition consists of two stages: 1) Pedagogical Preparation; and 2) Supervised Teaching Internship.

1) In the Pedagogical Preparation stage, it is adopted the modality where the Master’s or Doctorate’s student of the EEL/USP should enroll in a specific graduation discipline with offering of credits, whose content addresses University and College Education issues;

At EEL/USP, this discipline is allocated in the Graduate Program in Materials Engineering (PPGEM), within the Concentration Area: Conventional and Advanced Materials.

To consult the discipline syllabus, first access the Janus System and then click: 1) Catalog of disciplines; 2) Enter the discipline acronym: PEM5100


Code: PEM5100

Discipline name: Didática e Prática do Ensino de Engenharia-PAE

Number of credits: 4


The student who is interested in attending this discipline should select it at the time of enrollment through the Janus System.

IMPORTANT: You will only be able to carry out the second stage (Supervised Teaching Internship) if you have already concluded this discipline.

2) Regarding the Stage of Supervised Teaching Internship, this is done specifically in undergraduate courses, and the interested students should register themselves in the Teaching Unit of the area of ​​knowledge pertinent to their course.

The Program is optional for Graduation students, except for those that are supported by the CAPES Social Demand Grant, whose regulations require a traineeship.

At this stage the student should register through a specific Edict, which can be accessed at the link: Edital_PAE.

If you have any questions regarding the PAE, please contact us by e-mail: pae@eel.usp.br

Secretary: Rita de Cássia