Period of Enrollment for regular students: Click here

The enrollment period of regular students, who do not have a locked enrollment, comprises 3 consecutive steps, recommending that students first consult their advisors about the choice of disciplines:

1st Step: Pre-enrollment of the student (period for students to pre-enroll in disciplines or in monitoring enrollment, with compulsory attendance for students not enrolling in any discipline. The system generates an email to the student as proof of the action performed);

2nd Step: Advisor’s approval (period for advisors to validate pre-enrollment in disciplines and accept the monitoring enrollment of their advisees. Pre-registration in discipline or application for monitoring enrollment not appreciated by the advisor, within this period, will be automatically accepted);

3rd Step: Professor’s approval (period for professors to accept pre-enrollment of students endorsed by the advisors). Pre-registration, endorsed by the advisor, that does not receive a manifestation from the professor, will be automatically accepted.

Note: Enrollment is compulsory for all graduate students and must be accomplished at the beginning of each semester, until the end of the course.

If the student has already completed the credits required for the MSc or the PhD courses and will not attend disciplines, at the time of enrollment he (or she) should choose the option: “Matrícula de Acompanhamento” (Monitoring Enrollment).