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The School of Nursing of the University of São Paulo (Escola de Enfermagem da Universidade de São Paulo – EEUSP) is a School that encompasses different concentration areas and emphases. It offers exchange programs on academic internship (both undergraduate and graduate levels) and also co-advisory of Theses with view to Joint-Degree.

The structure of the teaching/learning is described on undergraduate and graduate pages of this site.

It is also possible to get in touch directly with EEUSP International Office ( to know about the opportunities for an academic internship.


Students enrolled in foreign institutions may attend classes at USP as undergraduate exchange students, thus obtaining credits or developing academic researches compatible with their subject fields. ( )

The Program for Partner Undergraduate Students (PEC-G, the Portuguese acronym) is a cooperation program between Brazil and countries in Africa, Latin-America and the Caribbean. The goal is to offer young students from these countries the opportunity to undertake their full undergraduate studies at Brazilian universities.


Exchange foreign students must be registered in an undergraduate course in their home country. They must also apply to be registered in one or more subjects at EEUSP.

To start your application, send the Study Plan to

Deadlines for application: April 1st for classes starting in the second semester and November 1st for classes starting in the first semester.

Subjects: Subjects and respective syllabus are available in this site.


Foreign students interested in doing part of their graduate studies at EEUSP under the exchange program must get in touch directly with the


To be registered at EEUSP the student must have to present the student visa (Type IV). This visa has to be arranged still in her/his country of origin. Tourist Visa will not be accepted to do the registering. Do not enter Brazil with a tourist Visa because it will be impossible to change it.

Health insurance

We strongly advise to the foreign students to provide health insurance and vaccination before leaving his/her country of origin.

Both health insurance and vaccination are mandatory for the academic internship at EEUSP.


EEUSP does not guarantee foreign students any sort of accommodation. But can help foreign students to find a home, as the University has a Homestay Program. Or help them to find temporary solutions for their arrival until they find permanent accommodation.

Portuguese language course

How to apply: On-line application form by clicking in CURSOS – Português Língua Estrangeira – Seleção – Ficha de Inscrição and sending it by e-mail to Please, mention you are coming to an exchange program at Escola de Enfermagem da USP.

For further information, contact

Guide (by Aline D’Angelo Campos) (about São Paulo City, USP, EE)

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• Homestay
For further information, please, write to