History and Mission

The School of Nursing was officially created in 10/31/1942. “The University of São Paulo is the largest institution dedicated to higher education and research in Brazil. It is highly acclaimed around the world, especially in Latin America, and is responsible for training a large part of Brazilian Academics working in colleges, universities, and research institutes. It is a public university, free of charge with open access for students selected by the ‘vestibular’ (Brazilian admissions exam for universities). Many of these students, after graduation, hold strategic and leading roles in different segments of public and private industries”. (http:www5.usp.br)

The mission of the School of Nursing at USP (EEUSP) is to educate nurses for both Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees; to prepare teachers, researchers, and specialists in all areas of nursing, aiming to develop this profession locally, nationally and internationally; to promote, perform and take part in studies, courses and other activities to improve teaching and nursing practices; to provide collective health services, having in mind a vision for transformation to a better life and health conditions for the population. EEUSP interacts with other governmental and non-governmental institutions from different social sectors through agreements, advisories, and several actions, composing a set of activities that enable them to focus on the three objectives of the University by-laws: teaching, researching and extension of services rendered to the community.

Currently, EE holds 82 effective professors in the School, 16 of whom are full professors (the maximum degree for an academic career at USP), 38 lecturers, 27 Doctoral degrees, and one assistant lecturer within the 4 departments: Department of Medical Surgical Nursing (ENC), Department of Mother and Child and Psychiatric Nursing, Department of Nursing in Community Healthcare (ENS), and Department of Professional Orientation (ENO). A good many of these professors are leaders or integrate more than 50 research groups of the School. The School of Nursing offers two undergraduate courses: Bachelor of Sciences (BS) and Nursing Degree, and graduate courses: Master’s and Doctorate.