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Next Monday, June 5, the master’s degree Amanda Cseh, guided by Prof. Dr. Sylmara L. […]

Next Monday, May 22th, Adriana Dall’Onder, advised by Professor Sylmara Lopes Francelino Gonçalves Dias, will […]

Next Monday May 08th, Lets talk about NATIONAL POLICY ON SOLID WASTE!!! Researcher Flávio Klein, supervised […]

Next Monday April 24th, Lets talk about foraminifera!!! Researcher Camila Passos, advised by Professor Wânia Duleba, will […]

On April 17th, 2017, Natalia Almeida, advised by Professor Marcelo Pereira , will present her master’s […]

November 21th, 2106, Vitor Cano, advised by Professor Marcelo Nolasco, will present his PhD research: Microbial Fuel […]

Next Monday October 24th, Lets talk about bees!!! Researcher Celso Barbieri Jr, supervised by Professor Tiago […]

On October, 10th, 2016, Neildes Santana, advised by Professor Marcelo Nolasco and co-adviser by Renata Colombo, […]

On September, 26th, 2016, Diego Pinheiro, advised by Professor Waldir Mantovani, will present his master’s research: […]

On September, 12th, 2016, Felipe Campos, advised by Professor Cristiano Lenzi, will present his master’s […]