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In São Paulo you can find the most varied types of food at any time of the day or night. The city has more than 15 thousand restaurant options and 20 thousand bars, with about 60 different types of cuisines, including typical foods from other countries. There are also several vegetarian, organic restaurants and a complete fast food chain, not to mention the numerous points of cafes and bakeries with 24-hour operation. The city expanded the São Paulo flavors for food trucks and gastronomic fairs, where people can find variety at a popular price.

In São Paulo, it is easy to find a great gastronomic variety anywhere, although there are neighborhoods with more traditional gastronomy, such as the Liberdade neighborhood, which offers restaurants with Asian food and the neighborhood of Bixiga with Italian restaurants.

PAMinSA VIII will take place at the University of São Paulo, in the neighborhood of Butantã, in the western part of the city. Nearby there are two neighborhoods that offer a variety of restaurants and are bohemian night spots in São Paulo, with bars, concert halls and various types of clubs to dance: neighborhoods of Pinheiros and Vila Madalena.

Do not miss the main gastronomic spot of São Paulo, the Municipal Market, an important public market in the city, located in the historical center. Inaugurated in 1933, it is a historic building with 12,600 m2 and there are moved about 350 tons of food daily. It has great varieties of juices, spices, vegetables, cheeses, wines, meats, cereals and fruits from diverse places of Brazil and the world.