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  • EDITAL No 03/2020 – PrInt USP/CAPES – PDSE 
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  • EDITAL Nº 03/2020 – PrInt USP/CAPES – PDSE
  • EDITAL Nº 04/2020 – PrInt USP/CAPES – PVE
  • EDITAL Nº 05/2020 – PrInt USP/CAPES – PVEJS
  • EDITAL Nº 06/2020 – PrInt USP/CAPES – JTEE
  • EDITAL Nº 07/2019 – PrInt USP/CAPES – CAP

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PrInt Calls 2020 – Information for foreign researchers

University of São Paulo – PrInt/CAPES Program 2020

The PrInt Program is an initiative led by USP and the Brazilian Federal Agency CAPES ( to foster the building, implementation and consolidation of strategic plans for the internationalization of top Brazilian research institutions. It aims to stimulate the formation of international research networks with special interest to:

a) Improve the quality of academic production linked to postgraduate studies;
b) Expand the internationalization policies to support the postgraduate programs;
c) Promote the mobility of academic staff and PhD students; and
d) Stimulate the transformation of institutions into an international academic environment.

USP PrInt Program is divided in five thematic areas that will range from 2019 to 2023. The main areas are:

1. Arts and Humanities – AAH
2. Earth and Space – EAS
3. Health and Disease – HAD
4. Translational Plant and Animals Sciences – TPAS
5. TEC – Technology

The funds are applied in 6 different lines, all of them bound to yearly public calls specific to the eligible USP postgraduate programs (found here, under “Thematic Areas”), divided by thematic areas. For 2020, the opportunity for international visitors to come to the University of São Paulo are as follows:

1) Visiting Researcher from Abroad Scholarship
Details: Experienced international researchers hosted by USP Graduate Program during 7 to 15 days for activities that promote international excellence within individual or joint graduate programs.
Eligibility: Visiting researchers must have a solid and outstanding scientific career. He/she shall have a formal connection with an international research institution and may not be currently leaving in Brazil. Application is submitted by the interested graduate program at USP.

Number of available scholarships for 2020:
• AAH: 44
• EAS: 30
• HAD: 51
• TPAS: 24
• TEC: 26
• Total: 175

2) Attraction of Young Talents with International Experience
Details: Young Brazilian, currently developing activities abroad, or foreign researchers, with relevant academic and scientific experience abroad, are invited to develop research and teaching activities at USP postgraduate programs. The scholarship is intended for an uninterrupted 12-months period.
Eligibility: Candidates must be under 40 years of age, hold a PhD degree, have at least two years of a formal relationship with a foreign research institution after PhD conclusion and relevant academic production in the last 5 years. Candidates must have not be currently residing in Brazil or have resided in the six months prior to application deadline.

Number of available scholarships for 2020:
• AAH: 1
• EAS: 1
• HAD: 1
• TPAS: 1
• TEC: 1
• Total: 5

For any additional information please get in contact through

Edital 07/2020 – PrInt USP – Capacitação de Servidores no Exterior (CAP) 2020

Edital 06/2020 – PrInt USP – Programa Jovem Talento com Experiência no Exterior (JTEE) 2020

Edital 05/2020 – PrInt USP – Programa Professor Visitante no Exterior Júnior/Sênior (PVEJS) 2020

Edital 03/2020 – PrInt USP – Programa de Doutorado Sanduíche no Exterior (PDSE) 2020

Edital 04/2020 – PrInt USP – Professor Visitante do Exterior (PVE) 2020