PrInt encompasses a variety of different possible exchange activities. These activities are displayed below and opportunities are made available through yearly calls that are organized by the Graduate Studies Office at USP.

Sandwich PhD

Internship for the development of research in a foreign Higher Education Institution, by students regularly enrolled in a Doctorate course in Brazil, in which the student after the study period abroad, within the regulatory deadline established by Capes, returns to Brazil to conclude and defend his thesis.

Outgoing Faculty Visits

The purpose is to allow USP faculty members to carry out visits and orientations, to teach courses and classes, as well as to develop research activities, in foreign Higher Education Institutions and/or in R&D institutes or centers abroad. Subdivided into the following typologies:

    1. Senior: intended for USP faculty that have obtained their doctorate degree more than 10 years ago; and
    2. Junior: intended for USP faculty that have obtained their doctorate degree less than 10 years ago.

Visiting Professor in Brazil

Attraction of renowned professors resident abroad to deliver courses, training, lectures or face-to-face seminars for a period of 15 days.

Young Talent Recruitmen

 For young talented researchers, Brazilian or foreign, residing abroad with relevant international academic-scientific experience (such as full master’s or doctorate, or sandwich master’s or doctorate for at least twelve months) to carry out activities in research or teaching.


Aid for work USP faculty to carry out short work missions abroad, for a maximum of 15 days.


Training: its purpose is to develop technical, scientific or pedagogical capacity for institutional strengthening through the qualification of human resources.

Source: CAPES Ordinance No. 289/2018, December 28, 2018 and CAPES Call 41/2017