Core aspect to the PrInt program is defining preferential partners for the exchange activities proposed. That considered, the PrInt steering committee, with assistance from USP’s International Office, designed a list of institutions that, although not exclusive for PrInt activities, have bonus incentives in calls.

Presence in the partners list does not necessarily mean there are specific agreements between the institutions – in this context, it means interaction is incentivized. Fee waiving, double degree contracts and any other kind of formal binding needs to be agreed upon on an individual basis.

If the desired institution is not on the list of USP partners, institutions that belong to the list of CAPES partner countries will be accepted .

We alert that, as required by CAPES, there is a need for a partnership instrument signed between USP and the Institution. (templates for specific situations)

More information can be obtained directly with the Internationalization Comissions of each USP Unit.