Partners and Partnerships 

The central aspect of the PrInt program is the definition of preferred partners for the proposed exchange activities. In view of this, the PrInt Steering Committee, with the support of the USP International Office (AUCANI), prepared a list of institutions that, although not exclusive to PrInt’s activities, have consolidated partnerships and, in some cases, additional incentives for exchange activities.

Presence on the list of partners does not necessarily mean that there are specific agreements between the institutions – in this context, it means that interaction is encouraged. As the case may be, agreements may be agreed that provide for exemption from fees, double degree or any other types of formal binding, individually or generally.

If the desired institution is not on the list of USP partners, institutions that belong to the list of CAPES partner countries will be accepted in accordance with the rules pre-stipulated in the Announcements. – List of CAPES partner countries – Annex I.

We warn that, as required by CAPES, there is a need for a partnership term signed between USP and the Institution. Preferably, the agreement must be signed by the Faculty as determined in Resolution-USP 6966/14 and Ordinance-USP 6631/2015.

If this is not possible and to speed up the process, we provide a model of the letter of intent, to be completed by the intended foreign University, on foreign University letterhead. After signature of the foreign University forward by e-mail for the signature of the Provost for Graduate Studies. 

Note: Item 2 of Annex I referring to 30% of the resources is included in the list of USP’s Preferred Institutions.

 More information can be obtained directly with the Internationalization Office of each USP Unit.