USP will be one of the first public Brazilian universities in the Metaverse

A partnership between USP and Radio Caca (RACA) enables researchers to study educational applications in the Metaverse. USP will receive an NFT as part of international cooperation agreement The University of São Paulo and the United States of Mars, USM (formally known as Radio Caca, RACA) signed an international cooperation agreement whose goal is to promote[…]

Financial Econometrics of Cryptocurrency Markets: Modeling and Forecasting

The global digital currency market has grown rapidly in recent years, mainly as a result of advances in blockchain technologies, which have ensured greater security for transactions. The total market capitalization value of traded cryptocurrencies went from USD 7 billion in early 2016 to USD 8.4 trillion in early 2021. Like stocks, bonds, commodities and[…]

Fomenting collaboration between USP and startups by means of a digital currency: the dawn of a “USPcoin”

The University of São Paulo has a long tradition of collaborating with the private sector, as a supplier of expertise in research and innovation for the creation of novel and better solutions for real-world problems. This type of extension initiative aims to bring science closer to the everyday life and benefit society as a whole,[…]

Fair and Auditable Random Drawing for Legal Systems

The use of randomization procedures is motivated by their capacity of shielding processes against all sorts of information biases, extraneous influences, illegitimate interference or spurious manipulations, independently from intention, concealment, or manifestation. In the specific context of legal procedures, random selection is employed by many countries to guarantee that entities like jurors [1] and judges[…]

Building auditability into Instant Messaging Apps for Business

    The ability to verify the integrity and authenticity of messages exchanged via instant messaging apps has being gaining importance lately. One of the main reasons is that such applications are being more commonly used for business purposes [1], and it is not uncommon that the messages exchanges are somehow used as proof in[…]

Amazon Biobank: preserving the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest with Blockchain

The preservation of the Amazon Rainforest has been a matter of intense debate for decades, and its role in planetary health has been intensified in the last years. At the heart of the debate, there are two opposing views on how the region should be explored for economic purposes: on the one hand, there is[…]

Improving the Health Ecosystem for Rare Diseases: A case for Blockchain?

  Rare diseases are those whose incidence occurs in up to 65 cases in each group of 100 thousand people [1] . It is estimated that there are between 6,000 and 8,000 different types of rare diseases worldwide [1]. In Brazil, there are approximately 13 million patients, 75% of which are children [1]. Still, according[…]

UBRI PodCast: All About Blockchain

O University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) global lançou uma série de podcasts sobre a tecnologia de BlockChain. Nos episódios, os convidados falam sobre como estão usando as tecnologias para resolver problemas reais, e também contam suas experiências. Não deixe de ouvir! Link para os podcasts (em inglês)

[Evento] Pesquisa em Blockchain e Oportunidades para Estudantes

A parceria entre a Ripple e a USP será anunciada em um evento aberto para todos segunda-feira, 10/junho no Auditório da Engenharia de Eletricidade. As palestras serão ministradas em inglês,pelos diretores (sim, diretores) da própria Ripple: Craig DeWitt, Ripple’s Director of Product Management Jinal Surti, Ripple’s Director Business Operations A maior parte do encontro será[…]

USP e Ripple fazem parceria para inovação em blockchain

(Reprodução integral do conteúdo do jornal da USP, acessado em 11/02/2019) A Ripple é a empresa detentora da moeda digital XRP e do sistema de pagamento que conecta bancos, provedores e empresas Por Erika Yamamoto – Editorias: Institucional – URL Curta: Foto: Pixabay/CC A USP se tornou uma das 29 universidades parceiras da UBRI (Iniciativa de Pesquisa em Blockchain nas Universidades,[…]