Professional Master’s Degree Program in Management and Innovation in the Animal Industry

The Management and Innovation in Animal Industry Graduate Education Program at USP-FZEA was approved both by the CoPGr-USP and by the CAPES scholarship foundations in the second semester of 2012.  The Master of Science (M.Sc.) course launched in 2013, and currently is accepting 30 students each semester through selective processes.


General Considerations

The University of São Paulo stimulated the implementation of new Post Graduate programs, offering new Professional Science Master’s Degrees. This action stems from the recognition that this type of course is of great importance for the development of our University, becoming an important integration for the most applied skill needs of the society involved in the management and Research and Development organizations, private or public. It is a stricto sensu Post Graduate Program, meaning the program is fully funded. The University of São Paulo takes pride in this professional Master’s Degree program’s excellence in the training of researchers focused on the demands of the labor market. The innovative character of the proposal in this Program is based on three main points: a) group of teacher-researchers with academic and professional experience with different and complementary views, a fundamental fact to promote science and technology nowadays. The scientific/technological lines is multidisciplinary and, in the case of the Professional Master’s, with complementary views toward immediate results of applicability in solving problems in agribusiness; b) the local existence of management and entrepreneurship laboratory structure, enhancing the results in an attempt to turn science into business and transfer academic knowledge to stimulate spin-offs; and, c ) the Program has recognized colleagues directly linked on the agribusiness at the national and international levels, adding the exchange of relevant experience in training students.


Scientific/Technological Lines

Scientific/technological lines of the Postgraduate Program in Management and Innovation in Animal Industry are the following: a) MANAGEMENT IN ANIMAL INDUSTRY, which focuses on aspects of human resource development in technical education, but it needs to develop systemic knowledge with business and entrepreneur vision, to dedicate themselves to the administration, marketing, quality management and product distribution of the productive chain formed by companies from the animal industry; and, b) INNOVATION IN ANIMAL INDUSTRY, which focuses on aspects of developing technological solutions, process and products, spanning multiple specializations, focusing on the various links in the chain of business.


Placement in the Industry

The Management and Innovation in Animal Industry Postgraduate Program of USP-FZEA includes an incubator structure for technology based companies, with priority for the functional extension services. It is also possible to work in a research laboratory with a focus in agribusiness and/or the formation of human resources with differentiated profile of the enterprising professional. This program seeks to meet the diverse demands of professional profiles that require functional skills in the industry. The program encourages both public and private agribusinesses to form a profile with our students in order to provide critical, systemic and strategic insight to act more fully in the business environment. To meet demands of our students, we have gathered a number of industrial opportunities from companies of varying profiles, ranging from large transnational to small innovative agribusiness companies. The professional Master’s Degree Program seeks to offer courses scheduled during convenient times (Friday evenings and Saturday morning and afternoon) so that students may maintain  continuity of professional activities within their companies of origin. Projects carried out in this program may be funded by several agencies, national and international, and private companies.