The project “Feminist Judgments Project – Brazil” is part of a collaboration between feminists academics and professionals of multiple brazilian college institutions, public and private, from different areas, to rewrite judicial decisions from a feminist perspective.

Our goal is to built a new type of dialogue between feminism and judicial decisions in Brazil, as from the experience of re-imagination. The proposal is inspired by projects developed in various countries, as a creative collaboration between feminist legal academics that started to rewrite key judicial decisions from a feminist perspective.

Instead of producing academic critiques on preexisting decisions, the project participants engage themselves on a practical experience of producing answers to concrete cases, being exposed to many types of constraints that bind who has the task of deciding. These deadlocks include, for example, the presence of legal principles and the consciousness about the impact of decisions to the parts of the process and to the community in general. This exercise of rewriting has the potential of demonstrating, concretely, that some law interpretations or judicial decisions are not inevitable or predetermined.

We will try to evaluate how the feminist legal reasoning can transform judicial decisions or make them more sensitive to the interests, need and perspectives of women and other marginalized groups. The rewrite of judicial decisions can also offer argumentative models to be used by professionals of different areas of law (such as lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc), spreading a new way of thinking and deciding.