14th S-PLUS Collaboration Meeting: presentations and posters

This page contains information about past events.


  1. Amanda Reis Lopes – Extreme [OIII] emitters in S-PLUS [slides]
  2. Analía Smith Castelli – The Fornax Project: overview and first exploration of photometric relations of early-type galaxies through iDR3 [slides]
  3. Arianna Cortesi – Characterizing galaxy morphologies in the Fornax cluster using S-PLUS data [slides]
  4. Camila Cid Parada – Spectroscopic Confirmation of Galaxy Clusters in The S-PLUS Survey
  5. Carlos Andres Galarza Arevalo – Searching for very metal-poor star candidates in S-PLUS [slides]
  6. Carlos Escudero – Pixel analysis of galaxies located in the Fornax cluster using S-PLUS
  7. Christopher Haines – Cluster galaxy evolution science with S-PLUS [slides]
  8. Ciria Lima Dias – Hydra Cluster galaxies: bulge-disc decomposition
  9. Claudia Mendes de Oliveira – Update on S-PLUS [slides]
  10. Clecio Roque De Bom – Exploring S-PLUs through Deep Learning: Search, classification and modelling
  11. Erik Vinicius Rodrigues de Lima – Update on Machine Learning Photometric Redshifts [slides]
  12. Fábio R. Herpich – Telescope and survey updates [slides]
  13. Felipe Almeida-Fernandes – The S-PLUS calibration and schedule data releases: DR2 and iDR3 [slides] [video]
  14. Gissel Pardo – Structural properties and nuclear activity in compact groups and field galaxies in the Stripe 82 region [slides]
  15. Gustavo Bernard Oliveira Schwarz – Update on the S-PLUS Database
  16. Laerte Sodré – Ultra compact galaxies in the Fornax cluster [slides]
  17. Luis A. Gutiérrez Soto – Planetary nebulae in S-PLUS [slides]
  18. Marco Grossi – Star-forming dwarf galaxies in Fornax with SPLUS: properties of transition-type dwarfs
  19. Maria Argudo-Fernández – Exploring the effects of the environment on the most isolated galaxies in the local universe [slides]
  20. Maria Luísa Gomes Buzzo – Photometric redshifts and masking for the S-PLUS survey
  21. Médéric Boquien – Modeling the panchromatic emission of galaxies with CIGALE
  22. Paola Dimauro – Multiwavelength analysis of galaxies to unveil quenching signatures
  23. Roberto Cid Fernandes – 1st AlStar results for Fornax galaxies [slides]
  24. Roderik Overzier – S-PLUS policies and (good) practices [slides]
  25. Timothy Beers – Distribution of Metallicity and Carbonicity in S-PLUS Stripe 82 – and Next Steps


  1. Augusto Lassen (UFRGS) – The dwarf irregular galaxy candidate next to Mrk 1172 [poster]
  2. Daniela Olave-Rojas (Universidad de Talca) – SubFind: searching substructures [poster] [slides]
  3. Eduardo Hartmann (UFRGS) – Multiple populations in galactic GCs at a range of metallicities [poster]
  4. Fredi Quispe Huaynasi (ON/MCTI) – Candidates to Hypervelocity Stars in the S-PLUS [poster]  [abstract]
  5. Gabriel Azevedo (UFRGS) – Nebular emission consistent steller population synthesis of jellyfish galaxies [poster] [summary slide]
  6. Gabriel Fabiano de Souza (IAG-USP) – SED fitting of Galaxies using BAGPIPES [poster]
  7. Gustavo Luis Baume (FCAG (UNLP) – IALP (Conicet-UNLP) – Unsupervised study of star populations in NGC 1313 and NGC 2403 [poster] [summary slide]
  8. Julie Nantais (U. Andres Bello) – Baby Galaxy Clusters in the Teenage Universe [poster]
  9. Júlia Thainá Da Silva Cunha Batista (UFSC) – PCA tomography to analyze SPLUS data cubes [poster] [summary slide]
  10. Maria Emilia De Rossi (Institute for Astronomy and Space Physics) – Fornax-like clusters in cosmological simulations [poster] [summary slide]
  11. Paulo Vasquez Bustos (PUC Valparaíso) – Understanding the role of morphology and environment on the dynamical evolution of isolated galaxy triplets [poster]
  12. Rodrigo Magalhães (ON/MCTI) – Radio sources in S-PLUS [poster]