Business Ethics & Corporate Crime Research Universidade de São Paulo
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Pharmacogovernance and Health Care Compliance

Background of a large group of assorted capsules, pills and blisters : Foto de stock

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Pharmacogovernance: Concept and Challenges

Overview of the criminal issues in the pharmaceuticals

Pharmerging Countries: Why Brazil is included?

Who’s the Big Pharma in Brazil: Mapping the Pharmaceutical Sector

Regulatory Affairs

Papers, news and comments

Gabrielli Duarte


Our Presence

4º OPMED – Congresso Nacional de Órtese, Prótese e Materiais Especiais (OPME), Brazil:

Lecture: Compliance and Corruption in Private Companies. Lecturer: Eduardo Saad-Diniz.

USP - Universidade de São Paulo

V International Scientific Symposium Of Young Penalists Of Aidp, UBA, Argentina:

Coord.: Eduardo Saad-Diniz (Brasil); Francisco Figueroa (Argentina).

Presentation: Corporate crime in the pharmaceutical industry: lessons from John Braithwaite. Eduardo Saad-Diniz; Gabrielli Duarte.

The Policy, Politics and Law of Cancer, Yale, United States:

Attended: Gabrielli Duarte. The Policy, Politics & Law of Cancer < Yale SPORE in Lung Cancer