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Internet Governance and Crimes against Children

This thematic ax is born under the leadership of our team member Carolina Christofoletti and represents a specific itinerary of this working group aimed at researching, in the complex scenario of Internet regulation, what the industry compliance policies currently into force for fighting against the creation and distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM) online are.

The main goal of this Internet Governance and Online Crimes against Children Section is, already from its creation, to reach the Recommendation Level. As such, “analysis” is the key word that shall describe, from its beginning, the methodology followed by this thematic working group.

Although that could have also been a valid methodological approach, it was decided not to fragment the thematic approach into subsections, even if publishings are expected to appear (for organizational reason) as such in this Website. The reason of that is because this division ends up being artificial, as the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material is not, considering the amount of stakeholders involved, a sectorial one. For readers, that means that research results will, constantly, communicate with each other.

Initially, this thematic section aims at working, directly, with already existent results published by (but not only):

• CSAM national and international hotlines
• National and international Law Enforcement Authorities (LEA)
• Industry Transparency Reports (including social media and adult pornography websites)
• Industry Compliance Policies (including Report Channels, Terms of Service, Policies and others)
• Academy

Which are expected to be the key documents from which this work will start.


This website is an academical one, and does not serve for reporting any illegal material you may have found. If you are afraid a child may be at risk, contact immediately the police through its proper channels (ex. Disque 100) and, if you wish to report a webpage or any file you have found online and that may constitute Child Sexual Abuse Material, report it first to the webpage you have found it, and, if a report channel directly with the platform is inexistent, if you disagree with their decision not to remove it or if you prefer, report it to the Brazilian CSAM hotline (Safernet Brasil) .

Do not ignore it, report it! (Disque 100) (Safernet Brasil)

Always remember that possessing and sharing it is a crime, so report it, accordingly to the above-mentioned procedures, EXCLUSIVELY to the adequate channels. Never share it or save it.


Contact information:

Carolina Christofoletti, Founder and Coordinator



Austin Berrier (June 2021)

Braian Arroyo. (May 2021)

Carolina Christofoletti  (May 2021)

Ernander Marcus Lataliza Rosendo (June 2021)

Guncha Sharma (May 2021)

Hericson dos Santos   (May 2021)

Jorge André Domingues Barreto (May 2021)


+Internet Governance and Crimes against Children