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Who’s the Big Pharma in Brazil: Mapping the Pharmaceutical Sector

Only 214 companies trade in the whole country and the State of São Paulo holds 55.7% of this share, highlighting the concentration of the market in the southeast region. In the ranking of the companies with the highest revenues, the world’s leading manufacturers of medicines are concentrated in the first three positions: first, SANOFI / MEDLEY / GENZYME Group, with sales of more than or equal to 3 billion Reais; secondly: NOVARTIS / SADOZ / ALCON Group, with revenues between 2 and 3 billion; and, thirdly: Grupo PFIZER / TENTO / WYETH, with turnover of around 2 million. The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation went from 14th place in 2015 to occupy 9th place in this ranking.