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Goals: Through continuous research and development, Carbonic strive to create technologies that not only reduce CO2 emissions but also provide tangible benefits to various industries. By converting CO2 into high-value products, Carbonic create a paradigm shift, where environmental responsibility aligns with profitable opportunities.

Resume: Carbonic is a start-up company founded with the mission to combat climate change.

Its vision extends to a future where CO2 is no longer seen as pollutant but as a valuable feedstock for the creation of high-value products and a net zero-carbon economy. By harnessing the power of innovation and sustainable practices, we aim to transform CO2 into a resource that can drive economic growth while mitigating environmental impact.

Carbonic partners are the Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Innovation (RCGI), the Institute of Chemistry at the University of São Paulo, and the University of São Paulo.

Carbonic team:
Adolfo Figueredo – Founder and CTO
Lais Reis Borges – Founder and CTO
Maitê Gothe – Founder and CTO
Ruy Rede – Founder and Business Development Manager
Liane M. Rossi – Founder
Pedro Vidinha – Founder