International Relations

IMG_5289International Relations Committee (CRint)

Following the directives of the International Cooperation Commission of the University of São Paulo, the International Relations Office (CRInt) was created in 2006. It holds eleven members; six professors appointed by the Board of Directors (including the President and Vice-President), four professors who represent the Chairmanships of Statutory Commissions (Undergraduate Studies; Graduate Studies; Research; Culture and University Extension) and one especially-assigned employee.


Acting as a facilitator agent, the CRint-FSP seeks:

  • To encourage the FSP-USP internationalization;
  • To plan the goals and strategies to be accomplished and their feedback;
  • To orient and improve the formalization of academic and research agreements;
  • To raise financing sources for internationalization actions;
  • To keep a systematic mapping of the international performances of FSP-USP.
  • Joanna Ricci