Research Lines

Research Lines

  • 1. Child, Adolescent, and Youth Health

This research line is focused on health problems involving children, adolescents, and young populations approached under different viewpoints of Public health. With priority cutouts, this line includes perinatal health, growth and development, morbid-mortality, and the participation and exclusion that affect such populations.

  • 2. Women’s Health

This research line is focused on women’s health problems under different viewpoints.With thematic cutouts, the outstanding studies are:

  • Women’s Mortality and Morbidity;
  • Mother Mortality;
  • Pregnancy Risk and Perinatal Health;
  • Pregnancy in Adolescents and Youngsters;
  • Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects of Chronic-Degenerative Diseases;
  • Women’s psychological, interventional, and therapeutic conditions at climacteric.


  • 3. Reproductive Health, Gender, Sexuality, and Society

Focusing on reproductive health, gender, sexuality as well its relations, the present research line tries, from different theoretical and methodological aspects that belong to the different areas of knowledge, to work with investigation issues such as those related to contraception, male and female sterilization, abortion, DST/AIDS, vertical transmission, reproductive technologies, reproductive rights, violence, sexuality, and gender relations. Approaching such issues meet the specificities inherent to men’s and women’s course of life relevant to public healthcare and society relations.

  • 4. Social Sciences, Public Health, and Contemporary Issues

Issues of interdisciplinary nature brought up by the contemporaneity existing in Public Health in general, particularly in the Mother and Child Health, and mainly in the area of Human Sciences, are the emphatic and diversified pointscontemplated in this line. As thematic cutouts, it prioritizes:

  • Issues related to the impact and changes towards information and communication in Public Health;
  • Management and evaluation of services;
  • Education of human resources;
  • Mental health and family;
  • Public policies, social inclusion/exclusion, and human rights;
  • Methodological diversities in the public health field.


  • 5. Communication and scientific information in Public Health

Comprising this research line is theproduction of scientific knowledge and use of computational technology in order to broaden the access and availability of academic, technical, and scientific information in the field of public health policies, especially with reference to mother and child health and its multiple social dimensions.