Our Location
All mail must be addressed to the specific sector to:
  • Avenida Doutor Arnaldo, 715 – São Paulo – SP – Brasil – CEP 01246904

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For direct email contact

Secretary of the Research Committee
E-mail: cpq@fsp.usp.br

Secretary of the Undergraduate Courses
Email: svgrad06@fsp.usp.br

Secretary of the Graduate Board
Email: posgrad@fsp.usp.br

International Relations Committee 
Email: crint@fsp.usp.br

Graduate Studies | Public Health Program (MSc & PhD)
Email: ppg.saudepubli@usp.br

Graduate Studies | Nutrition in Public Health Program (MSc & PhD)
Email: ppg.nutrifsp@usp.br

Graduate Studies | Global Health and Sustainability Program (PhD)
Email: saudeglobal@fsp.usp.br

Graduate Studies | Environment, Health and Sustainability Program (MSc)
Email: ppg.mproasas@usp.br

Graduate Studies | Epidemiology Program (PhD)
Email: tpg.epi@fsp.usp.br

Department of Environmental Health 
E-mail: hsa@fsp.usp.br

Department of Epidemiology 
Email: hep@fsp.usp.br

Department of Maternal and Child Health 
Email: hsm@fsp.usp.br or hsmcpg@fsp.usp.br

Department of Nutrition
Email: hnt@fsp.usp.br

Department of Public Health Practice
Email: hsp@fsp.usp.br