Degree in Nutrition

Degree in Nutrition
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The Nutrition Course of the University of São Paulo lasts a minimum of five years, and comprises:

  • 50 compulsory subjects for a common formation;
  • 105 hours of optional subjects chosen among 16 FSP official subjects which can be attended in the Unit itself, or in other USP Units, enabling the student to direct his/her formation according to his/her interests and skills;
  • Two semesters of practical activities (traineeships) amounting to 975 hours;
  • An integrated activity in each semester with the purpose of getting closer to the professional practice scenario with Nutrition full approach;
  • Total course load is 1305 hours, lasting from 10 to 16 semesters;

Nutrition Students Class

After being approved in all subjects, the students will be granted his Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, and will be entitled to work as a Nutritionist.

The Nutritionist is a healthcare professional, registered by the CRN (Regional Council of Nutritionists), and whose professional activities are specifically law-regulated and supervised by a related Professional Council and other professional organs of the category.

First in Brazil, the USP Nutrition Course was created in 1939, and it is acknowledged by the State Board for Education by Process CEE#407/2005, re-recorded on September 13th, 2011, and renewed for 5 years by decree 458/11 (published in the Official State Journal on December 17th, 2011).