Research Lines

The Research Lines of the Nutrition Department:

  • 1. Diagnostic Techniques and Methods for the Nutrition and Food Evaluation of Individuals and Population

This line aims to develop/adapt/evaluate techniques, instruments, and methods towards the diagnosis of the nutritional status and food consumpion of individuals and populations.

  • 2. Frequency, distribution, determinants, and consequences of the Brazilian population’s nutritional disturbances

Backed by population-based studies, this line aims to:

  • estimate the magnitude and distribution of the main nutritional disturbances found throughout the country (protein-energetic malnutrition, iron-deficiency anemia, hypovitaminosis A, obesity, dyslipidemia, among others);
  • set up the factors and mechanisms underlying the cause of these disturbances;
  • ascertain the impact of these disturbances upon the individuals and society;
  • 3. Formulating and Evaluating Nutritional Interventions

Based on clinical and population trials, this line aims to formulate and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of nutritional programs and interventions.

  • 4. Characterization, Evaluation, and Formulation of Food for Nutrition and Improvement of Human Health

This line aims to:

  • characterize food chemically, physically, and biologically within its macro and micro constituents;
  • characterize the transformations occurred during food processing, distribution and consumption, identifying its nutritional value, safety, and functionality;
  • create and evaluate the structure of food designed for nutritional interventions increasing its acceptability and aggregating values to raw-materials with nutritional or functional potential.