About us

The current International Realtions Commission (CRInt-FSP) was created through “Portaria Diretor FSP-USP” (06/06/2018), in accordance with the guidelines established of USP. It is composed by 6 (six) members: 5 faculty members appointed by the Dean’s Office (including the President and the Vice-president) and 1 staff member for administative support.


The CRInt-FSP aims to:

  • Strengthen, support and impel the internationalization guideline implemented by the Institutional Academic Plan;
  • Encourage FSP-USP’s internationalization;
  • Plan goals and strategies to be achieved and its feedback;
  • Formalize academic and research agreements (mobility, courses and joint research);
  • Search funds from national and international agencies to achieve the internationalization;
  • Keep an updated database with international actions.


  • Professora Dra. Claudia Roberto de Castro Moreno | President
  • Professor Dr. Fredi Alexander Diaz Quijano | Vice-Presidente
  • Professora Dra. Maria Tereza Pepe Razzolini
  • Professora Dra. Claudia Maria Bógus
  • Professora Dra. Kelly Polido Kaneshiro
  • Ms Marlei Pirozelli  | Administrative Assistance


Joanna Ricci

Open From:
10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. / 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.