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The full program will be announced at a later date.

Scheduled Courses

The courses scheduled for the school are listed below. In addition, there will be practical activities in epidemic situation rooms and laboratory visits.

  • Epidemic Preparedness: Mistakes and Successes in the U.S. experience. (Arthur Reingold) 
  • Mathematical Models for Epidemic Preparedness. (Neil Ferguson)
  • COVID-19 in Brazil: Demographic Consequences. (Marcia Castro)
  • Statistical Modeling for Epidemic Preparedness. (Leonardo Bastos) 
  • Surveillance Models for Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Back to the Future. (Guilherme Werneck) 
  • Real-Time Sequencing and Phylodynamic Analysis of Viral Epidemics. (Nuno Faria) 
  • Politics and public policy in epidemic response. (Lorena Barberia) 
  • Control of communicable processes in complex humanitarian emergencies. (Pedro Arcos) 
  • Organization of the health services network. (Maria Rita Donalísio) 
  • Contribution of immunology to epidemic control. (Ana Caetano) 
  • Quantitative methods to evaluate public policies in pandemics. (Julia Raifman) 
  • Ethical and Legal Aspects in combating epidemics. (Deisy Ventura) 
  • Assessing the attack rate and population immunity in real time. (Ester Sabino)
  • The Expert Crisis: Democracy and Mediators in Science and Policy. (Tatiana Roque)

São Paulo School of
Advanced Science on
Epidemic Preparedness