Laboratory of studies and actions in Occupational Therapy, daily life, and human rights in childhood and youth – ACCALANTO


The purpose of this laboratory is to conduct studies, actions, and teaching in Occupational Therapy in the interface with childhood and youth issues related to:

(i) Occupational therapy implemented among children and youths experiencing illnesses and hospitalization, and monitoring of their families;

(ii) Monitoring the daily lives of children and youths in distress, experiencing social vulnerability and violation of human rights;

(iii) Practices to promote autonomy, protagonism, social participation, and affirmation of the rights of children and youths.

This laboratory is also intended to develop theoretical studies on the historical-epidemiological foundations of Occupational Therapy, emphasizing Occupational Therapy from a critical perspective and developing theoretical-conceptual studies addressing daily living, experience, care, emancipation, and human rights. It also seeks to conduct studies and actions with occupational therapists to promote and exchange knowledge and reflect upon the profession considering technical-ethical-political issues through practice communities.


Professor Sandra Maria Galheigo (leader)

Undergraduate students form the Occupational Therapy Program at FMUSP;

Occupational Therapy Residents from the Multiprofessional Residency in Clinical Care Specialized in Pediatrics with an emphasis on Cardiopulmonary care (Children’s Institute – ICr HC/FMUSP);

Occupational Therapy Residents from the Multi-professional Residency Program in Health Promotion and Care Provided in Hospital Settings – Area of concentration Child and Adolescent Health (Department of Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy at FMUSP);

Graduate students from the Professional Master’s Program in Occupational Therapy and Social Inclusion Processes.


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