Proficiency Exam

Proof of proficiency (valid for two years after the application) in English or French is required to enter the Program. The document proving proficiency must be delivered when applying to the selection process.

English proficiency will be proven by a certificate of approval obtained in the following institutions:

  • Reading Comprehension – União Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos: minimum percentage of correct answers required for the Master’s program is 50%. The certificate must be valid for two years after the exam.

See dates available – CLIQUE AQUI

  • Center of Languages at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letter and Human Sciences at USP. Candidates must obtain a “Sufficient” mark. Valid for two years after the exam (Not currently available).

  • Educational Testing Service, TOEFL® – Test of English as a Foreign Language™, Internet Based Test – IBT (online): a minimum score of 60 points is required. Valid for two years after the exam;

  • Reading Test in English for Candidates for Postgraduate Courses, applied by Cultura Inglesa, Pinheiros branch exclusively for the Medical School at USP. A minimum score of 50 points is required.

  • Tese Prime:  See the Medical School website – HERE

Proficiency in French will be proven with a Certificate provided by Aliança Francesa (DELF, DALF, TCF and TEF) – a minimum score of 6.0 (six) points. See availability HERE

International candidates must provide proof of proficiency in Portuguese within 12 (twelve months) after enrolling in the program by a) taking the CELPE-Bras test (Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners in institutions certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Education – Intermediate level; or b) being tested by an Examining Committee appointed by the Program’s Coordinating Committee (CCP), composed of three members with a PhD degree; or c) being tested the Language Center at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences at USP. “Sufficient Proficiency” is required. The tests are valid for two years.

Candidates who concluded an undergraduate program in Letters in a higher education institution and qualified in one of the languages required by the Program may be waived of the proficiency test.