Qualification Exam and Deposit


The Qualifying Examination is compulsory and should be taken in a public session with an oral presentation by the student on the research project and its development, followed by an examination by the Examining Committee.

The Qualifying Exam aims to evaluate the student’s academic-scientific maturity, his knowledge of the topic and method of the study, his capacity for reflection and defense of the project, as well as the relevance, adequacy of the methodological design and feasibility of the study.

The student may enroll for the Qualifying Examination after completing 24 credits in disciplines and within 12 (twelve) months after first enrolling in the course, and must take the exam within 60 (sixty) days after enrolling. If not successful, the student may reapply within 30 (thirty) days after the first exam. The second exam must be taken within 60 (sixty) days after the second registration. If the failure persists, the student will be dismissed from the Program and will receive a certificate for the courses taken. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deadline extension was authorized for students who requested it, after approval by the Program’s CCP. The deadline for enrollment in the Qualification informed on the student’s form that can be accessed through the Janus System.

Upon registration, the student must send a pdf copy of the manuscript relating to the development of his research project to the secretariat of the Master’s Program. The student must submit a suggestion of 5 (five) names for the Examining Committee, through a form (CLICK HERE) with the advisor’s signature and the date of the Examination.

The Examining Committees must be composed of 3 (three) sitting examiners with voting rights and 2 (two) alternates, with a minimum degree of Doctor, appointed by the CCP. In the composition of the Examining Committee, one titular member and his substitute must be external to the Program and/or the Unit.

The Qualifying Examination must have a maximum duration of 3h30min (three hours and thirty minutes). The research project and its development must be presented by the student in no more than 30 (thirty) minutes. Each examiner will have a maximum of 30 (thirty) minutes to question the student. The student will have a maximum of 30 (thirty) minutes to answer each examiner’s question.

The report, containing the examination and the results awarded by the Examining Committee, must be written in a secret session at the end of the examination. The Examining Committee will inform the student of the Minutes, with the results awarded by the examiners, as soon as the examination is over. The Report must be forwarded to the CCP for approval.


The final work will be in the form of a dissertation, whether it is the result of a research project or an application project, containing the following items: Cover with the author’s name, title of the Cover with author’s name, title, place and date; Back cover with name of the unit, author’s name, title, advisor’s name, place and date, Catalog; List of figures, illustrations, equations and tables; Abstract in Portuguese and key words; Abstract in English and key words; Introduction; Material and Methods; Results; Conclusions;

Suggestions for future work; Bibliography; Annexes; Appendices.

The student of the Professional Master’s Program must deposit his dissertation, until the end of 24 (twenty-four) months from the beginning of the regimental deadlines. Due to the
COVID-19 pandemic, the extension of deadlines has been authorized for students who requested it, after approval in the CCP of the Program. The filing date is informed in the student’s file that can be accessed through the Janus System.

Upon deposit, the student of the Program must submit manuscript and attachments in a digital format, mandatory at FMUSP as of March 26, 2021, in the Janus System, according to the system’s guidelines. The Course Coordinating Committee approved, in its 18th meeting on February 12, 2021, the release of mandatory hard copy submission pending the regimental change.

At the time of deposit, the graduate student must send the suggestion of 6 (six) names to compose the Judging Committee, signed by the advisor. He must also send a document
proof of publication (or forwarding protocol) of 1 (one) article in a journal in the epistemological field of Occupational Therapy and indexed in the main bibliographic databases; or 1 (one) book chapter co-authored with the advisor; or 1 (one) full paper published in annals or collections of scientific congresses. These publications or submissions must be related to the results of the study developed in the Program and must meet the guidelines for Professional Masters in the area of Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, in the national post-graduate system. For the defense registration, a declaration from the supervisor that the manuscript has been checked on an anti-plagiarism platform will be required. In the digital deposit process, other documents may also be requested, and the graduate student must follow the System’s instructions or those that may be made available by the program.

The program’s regulations allow Dissertations to be written and defended in
Portuguese, English or French.

Rules for the production and formatting of qualification and dissertation manuscripts: http://www.livrosabertos.sibi.usp.br/portaldelivrosUSP/catalog/view/115/98/495-1