Metuia Laboratory (Metuia Social Occupational Therapy Network-USP)


The objective is to produce knowledge in the topics that integrate the universe of problems addressed by social occupational therapy. In this sense, this laboratory develops research addressing socio-cultural and inter-relational dimensions of social inequalities and their connections with the practice of social occupational therapy. It comprises the study of social policies and programs intended to decrease social vulnerabilities and other forms of collective resistance and coping of conditions that involve the violation of rights, discrimination, violence and oppression affecting children, adolescents, youths and adults.

Since the beginning of its activities in 1998, this laboratory has sought to improve understanding and intervene in processes in which support networks are dissolved/formed, with a special interest in daily life and the socio-territorial sphere.

It also seeks to produce results in the theoretical-methodological bases and applications of occupational therapy in the field of social work, committed to the universalization of rights – especially the right to social participation and coexistence. Thus, it comprises studies that seek to improve the quality of social occupational therapy practices developed in fields such as social work, culture and education, closely related to the needs of patients or projects developed in these fields – such as children and adolescents whose rights to social protection are violated or at risk, the homeless, immigrants, communities in a situation of vulnerability, individuals discriminated based on gender, sexuality, social class and/or race and ethnicity, among other segments facing social barriers that prevent them from participating in social life.


  • Occupational Therapist Carla Regina Silva Soares
  • Undergraduate and graduate students

  • Professor Denise Dias Barros :
  • Professor Marta Carvalho de Almeida:
  • Terapeuta Ocupacional – Carla Regina Silva Soares:

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