Laboratory Occupational Therapy, Daily Life, Health and Rehabilitation of Adults with Disabilities and Incapacities.

Objectives/ Results:

  • To qualify teaching activities in the undergraduate and graduate programs in Occupational Therapy directed to individuals with disabilities and/or incapacities;
  • To guide and qualify research and extension activities focusing on topics that interface occupational therapy with daily living, health, and the rehabilitation of adults with disabilities and/or incapacities, directed to medium complex care at hospital settings and outpatient clinics;
  • To develop studies and research based on SUS policies and intersectoral that involve daily living, health, rehabilitation, and the social inclusion and participation of adults with disabilities and/or incapacities;
  • To contribute with knowledge in occupational therapy focusing on people with disabilities and/or incapacities from the perspective of social inclusion and participation;
  • To develop professional practices and therapeutic technologies to meet the needs of adult individuals with disabilities and/or incapacities.


Tamara Neves Finarde; Priscila de Souza Lepre, Jaqueline Barbosa Pereira, Jean Barroso, Marcos Vinicius Cunha Cavalcante, Luana Aparecida Barbosa Campos, Priscila Borges Eleutério, Gabriela Luiza Cauvilha, Gabriela Cristina Cavalcante.


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