PAE Scholarship

The Teaching Improvement Program (PAE) is exclusively intended for graduate students enrolled in graduate programs (Master’s and doctoral programs) at the University of São Paulo. PAE CONSISTS OF TWO PHASES:

  1. Teaching Preparation:

One semester before starting PAE traineeship, the student must attend a course from an undergraduate program in a unit within USP. There is a list of some courses already endorsed by the Medical School for PAE students below.


  • MCG 5825: Pedagogia Médica e Didática Especial [Medical Pedagogy and Special Didactics] • MPT 5760-3: Preparação Pedagógica [Teaching Preparation] • BIP 5700: Preparação Pedagógica em Biologia [Teaching Preparation in Biology]• EDM 5100: A Formação do Professor Universitário [University Teaching Trainig]

    • EDM 5102: Preparação Pedagógica PAE (4 credits) [PAE Teaching Preparation] • EDM 5791: Metodologia do Ensino Superior [Higher Education Methodology]

    • EDM 5804: Tópicos de Epistemologia e Didática [Epistemoly and Didactic Topics] • EFP 5757: Docência no Ensino Superior em Educação Física [Teaching in Higher Education in Physical Education] • ENC 5883: Prática Pedagógica no Ensino Superior [Pedagogical Practice in Higher Education] • ENO 5794: Perspectivas Teórico-metodológicas do Processo Ensino-Aprendizagem [Theoretical-methodological perspectives of the Teaching-Learning Process]

    • ERG 5834: Metodologia de Ensino [Teaching Methodology]

    • FBA 5728: Aprimoramento Didático [Didactic Improvement]

    • 5935922: Docência no Ensino Superior: Aspectos Didáticos e Pedagógicos (Ribeirão Preto) [Teaching in Higher Education: Didactic and Pedagogical Aspects]

    • 5945768: Universidade: Formação, Ensino e Produção do Conhecimento (Ribeirão Preto) [University: Training, Teaching and the Production of knowledge]

  1. Supervised Teaching Traineeship

The Supervised Teaching traineeshipp includes the students’ attending mandatory undergraduate courses supervised by the respective chair professors, and cannot exceed 6 (six) hours a week.

The students in the program without a job contract with USP may receive monthly financial aid. Trainees exceeding the FMUSP quota and USP’s employees participate as volunteer trainees. The monthly financial aid may be granted for a maximum of four semesters per student and for a maximum of two semesters in the Master’s Program. Only the “Supervised Teaching Traineeship” qualifies for monthly financial aid.